Style Challenge: Printed Camp Collared Shirts

Style Challenge: Printed Camp Collared Shirts

As September approaches, it’s easy to regret all the tropical summer vacations that didn’t happen.

But don’t worry, you can always turn to your wardrobe to create those sojourn vibes instead. And this summer, we’re advocates of the printed shirt resurgence (thanks Tan) to bring that lush lifestyle into your day-to-day. Sure, the shirt harkens back to the early 2000s and probably should’ve been left there with fake tans and presidential controversies. But we’ve now got both (incarnate Donald the Orange), so let’s counterbalance with the positive.Speaking of two-in-ones (and the good kind this time), 2018 brings an update to the printed shirt via camp collar necklines. Now, while that may sound like a lot to handle in one shirt, we tackle this ‘neck’ on and dial it up a notch - the bolder the print the better. When paired with tailored, neutral bottoms, you can rock this look from casual work days to… well, not Hawaii, but I’ve heard Lake Ontario can be quite exotic this time of year. Keeping that in mind, in this month’s style challenge, we share with you some printed camp-collar shirts and the fantasy behind our choices.

Vincent Ko

Artist & Photographer


Rather be in Mexico right now? Let everyone know by rocking a Hawaiian shirt. You can take it one step further by going to a taco joint - just don't forget they must be playing Mariachi for it to be authentic.This Ted Baker's Hawaiian shirt makes me feel like I'm on the beaches of Tulum sipping on a cerveza. For the bottom half, I decided to wear jeans that matched my nonchalant attitude. Wide legs for the win.Pretty easy look, don't you think? Now, let's all get on a plane. See you at the airport.

Eshan Shah

Business Development Manager


When it comes to outrageous prints, you’d be hard pressed to find something more wild than a cheetah print. But, when tempered with a white undershirt and cropped black slacks, the print can read as suave, retro-Americana (that, or I’ve seen too many Dolce & Gabbana ads). As camp-collar shirts can often give the illusion of a longer neck, unbuttoning the top few buttons of your shirt can balance out the silhouette by widening your shoulders and giving you a more masculine appearance. And with these hints of Sicilian chic (peep the gold chain and subtle sheen on the shirt), it only follows that I slipped into some Italian inspired shoes. Keep them just as updated as your shirt with a pair of loafer mules instead. Ciao.

Jonathan Cavaliere

Founder & Creative Director


There's something about a camp collared button up that just feels like summer. It may be the Tropical leaves plastered all over the one i'm wearing here or possibly because every festival goer for the last 5 years has been rocking one for the novelty of it. Whatever it may be, I can’t stop rocking them. This one from QuizMan has been a personal favorite of mine as it compliments the blue hue i've been draping myself in recently.If you ask me, the key to rocking this look its to roll the sleeves. Think Elvis circa 1956. Not only do you look a little bit more like the king of rock and roll, but it actually makes your biceps look a little bit bigger. Who wouldn’t want an imaginary inch around those pythons?