StyleJonathan Cavaliere

Style Challenge: Overcoats

StyleJonathan Cavaliere
Style Challenge: Overcoats

National Overcoat Day should be a thing.

Falling some time in October, it would mark your wardrobe’s annual style upgrade, with your new overcoat elevating outfit after outfit until Spring. If towels have a national holiday then overcoats, for all of their tailored beauty and functional warmth, should definitely be rewarded with one as well. While we wait for the announcement, there’s no better way to celebrate the crown jewel of your fall/winter style than with an editorial to match. If you're seeking inspiration, here are here are the overcoats that the Mr. Cavaliere team will be rocking this season.

Jonathan Cavaliere

Founder & Creative Director


This glencheck overcoat is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. Though it may seem bold to most, it's one of the more versatile statement pieces you can own.The various shades of black and grey in the coat actually bring out the subtleness of items paired with it. For example, the suit I’m wearing underneath is actually a charcoal shadow plaid. To the naked eye, it looks as though it's just another grey suit but my overcoat really heightens the coordinating scale of the patterns.  

Liam McConnell

Lifestyle Contributor


Autumn is my favourite season. The cooling weather allows me to layer with button-ups, cardigans, and my favourite overcoat. In terms of colour, most of what I wear tends to be on the darker side with some earth tone accents, which looks great against the changing leaves and grey skies. The dark brown of my coat makes for a great professorial and autumnal look. But what I really love about it is its versatility. It looks just as good over some dark jeans and a black hoodie, or even with some skate shoes and a white tee. They can tie together looks for any occasion. From October to March, overcoats are my go-to.

Steven Lee

Photographer & Graphic Designer


I knew I had to have this overcoat from the Dries Van Noten's FW 2016 collection the minute I saw it. If you've never seen the show before, I recommend giving it a watch on YouTube - everything from the venue (which Mr. Van Noten spent 15 years attempting to secure) to the clothes were standouts. It's safe to say that it was one of my favourite shows from Dries! I paired it with a turtleneck from Uniqlo, a Saint Laurent belt, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Adidas x Reigning Champ sneakers and a Fragment x Louis Vuitton bag. Chic, warm, and ready to take on the town.

Sean Pollock

Lifestyle Photographer


Colour is always an issue in my wardrobe when it comes to dressing for the cold. All my warm items are either black, grey and brown. I find myself using jackets to boldly bring colour into my outfit relying on essential layers underneath for warmth. For this look, I went with a standard black turtleneck from Uniqlo, a plaid button up wool sweater from Frank&Oak, green trousers from Uniqlo, and my trusty Blundstones. I wear turtlenecks often in the winter and styling it with the plaid sweater dresses up the look. Blundstones are my go-to boot even when there's only a bit of snow on the ground, and have lasted me for years. The overcoat is from Cos and the paneled, navy blue look ties it all in together. With my layers, I can handle a solid -5 deg day. Add a pair of gloves and a toque and I'm set for a light winter.