Style Challenge: How to Wear Green with Class on Saint Patrick's Day

Style Challenge: How to Wear Green with Class on Saint Patrick's Day

If you’re an appreciator of good style, St. Patrick’s Day is the bane of your beliefs.

And how could it not, when March 17th inspires our youth to consume their body weights in beer. And they do it while wearing green top hats. But with your will to spread our good word, we believe that as jovial as these festivities can be, there’s no excuse to let your sartorial standards slip up.

For this month’s style challenge, we asked a couple members of our team to compose an outfit based on the color of the moment – green. Here’s what we’ll be wearing on Saturday, and why:

Steven Lee

Photographer & Graphic Designer


I've never really been a fan of the colour green. In my head, I've always associated a green tee-shirt with nerds and frat boys. In my experience, green tees either have a superhero logo on them or some dumb saying about the gym emblazoned on the chest. So, in the rare occasions that I "have" to wear green, I always try to mix it with as many other colours as possible. Hence this Craig Green shirt. If you haven’t heard of the visionary British designer and you like minimal pieces, then definitely look into his work (the FW17 collection, where this shirt comes from, is one of his best work to date.) And for an extra touch of Irish good luck, I picked this Coach portfolio that I've had for ages. Now, pass the beer.

Sean Pollock

Art Director


I like combining classic styles from the ‘50s and ‘60s styling with modern pieces. My green Club Monaco oxford, for example, goes well with my tan Dockers and my grey merino wool Club Monaco varsity sweater. The details are simple, and I like keeping a lighter colour palette overall. And with my Converse Chuck 2s, I have a footwear option that’s both comfortable and stylish.

Jonathan Cavaliere 

 Creative director


For my Saint Paddy’s day outfit, I opted for a look I call “English countryman meets army cadet and they raid each other’s closets.” I paired my tweed COS blazer with this merino wool turtleneck by RW&CO., both of which made the perfect base for these bold camo pants by Dockers. As for accents, I decided to keep with the green theme and threw on a nylon nato strap watch from Timex and a vintage linen pocket square. Just in case you don’t know what a nato strap is, it’s a watch that British soldiers wore back in the 70’s. The strap was created as a functional alternative to its predecessors as it would stay on the wrist tightly. You got to love utilitarian menswear.

Brody Langley 

Editorial Director


I’m a strong proponent of subtlety, especially with respect to themed holiday outfits. This year, I decided to opt for a smart Saint Patrick’s Day look, layering a green plaid waistcoat under a brown wool blazer. The soft shoulders and patch pockets of the jacket help neutralize an otherwise formal look, while the white trousers and tassel loafers welcome the onset of spring weather, which I hope is near. I chose this combination for its various fabrics, textures, and tones. Think of it as a transitional ensemble to ring in the changing of seasons, while reasonably sticking to festive traditions.


Special thanks to the Anne Boleyn for their hospitaliy