A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 16

A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 16

It’s week 16 of our beard growing tutorial and I hope you’re loving your manly mane just as much as I am. This week I wanted to talk about a common problem you guys may have and an awesome product that has helped me fix it.

When I wake up in the morning my beard is a mess. It’s typically not until I shower and follow my three step regiment that I can finally get it all in order. The only issue is that I find as my day goes on my beard seems to lack the shine and lustre it had in the morning, not to mention the long stray hairs peeking out all over. So what is the solution?

Well just recently I was introduced to a product called beard balm. Beard balm not only soothes the skin, but it also keeps the hair in check. Think of beard balm as something that will allow you to gently style your beard whilst maintaining those conditioning oils throughout the day.  

The beard balm I use is a Bergamot + Ylang house blend from Always Bearded Lifestyle. Not only does it keep me looking fresh all day, but it’s made with all natural ingredients. To apply take a small amount of the balm in the palm of your hand and rub it around until it softens. Then apply the balm to your beard hair making sure you spread it evenly to each section. For a full ingredient list of their beard balm click here.

For more on Always Bearded LifeStyle and information on their various products check them out at alwaysbearded.com

Happy growing,

Mr. Cavaliere