A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 13

A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 13

If you have been growing your beard since the start of this series, I want to say congratulations as you have made it past the 3 month hump! At this point you should be very satisfied with how your beard looks and from here on out it’s all about grooming and growing.

This week I wanted to talk about eating with a beard. I have found that as my beard gets longer, eating specific foods have become a struggle. Typically things with tons of sauce, abnormal shapes, or drinks with interesting glasses have been the most difficult to enjoy. Also, nothing is worse than having food stuck in your well groomed beard!

For that reason I thought I would put together a little guide on how to eat with your growing facial fuzz. First things first, have a napkin close by as you should give your mouth a wipe fairly frequently while eating. Secondly, push your mustache hairs away from your lip and towards the sides of your face. This will alleviate excess food getting stuck in your mustache. Thirdly, make sure you cut everything in small pieces so it has easy access into your mouth. This will save you from having to wash your beard every time you eat!

When eating out, try and stay away from foods like wings, ribs, and other saucy items as they will get stuck in your beard. Believe me, trying to get something out of your beard once it has set is a struggle as it will flake and create a mess.

Happy growing (and eating),

Mr. Cavaliere