A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 11

A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 11

Its week 10 and if you have been following the posts and growing your manly mane you have probably noticed how frizzy your beard can get. Like your head hair, your beard strands develop split ends over time and need some sprucing up once in a while. That is why this week we are talking about how to properly trim your beard!

week 11 beard


First things first, you’re going to need a couple of tools. After getting your hands on a comb, a trimmer, and shears, go ahead and take a warm shower, as this will make your facial hair easier to manage. After your shower, take your comb and style your beard in its desired shape. While combing your beard look for any rouge hairs that have grown faster than others and shorten them using your trimmer. Also make sure your trimmer is on a high guard number as this will make sure you don’t trim off too much hair. Try to focus on tapering the sides of your beard as this will elongate you face and make your beard look cleaner.

week 11 after


In the mustache region, I recommend using your shears to cut any hairs that go over your top lip and trim them to a length where they feel comfortable. Finish with Beard Oil and you will be fresh and ready to face the day.

Happy growing,

Mr. Cavaliere