A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 9

A Step by Step Guide to Growing a Great Beard – Week 9

It's week 9 and at this stage your beard should be growing in the way you envisioned it.  After two months of growth, your beard is likely long enough that it now requires its own cleaning regiment. So what does this entail? Well like the hair on your head, your beard should be washed and treated to keep it looking fresh. But before you go washing your beard with shampoo, hear me out as this could actually affect the way the beard grows.  For this reason I wanted to fill you in on the correct way to clean your beard using this 3 step system.



Cleaning your beard is crucial to good beard health, but using the same shampoo you use on your hair is not advised. The reason being is that the hair follicles on your head produce more oil than the hair follicles in your beard. Using shampoo also dries out the skin below the beard and causes what beardsmen like to call “Beard Dandruff”. So what’s the solution? Using natural beard soaps or beard shampoo’s can clean the hair while leaving the perfect amount of moisture in your hair and face.

How about frequency? Well this all depends on how active you are. If you work in a place where dirt is always around, then I would recommend treating your beard 2 to 3 times a week. If this isn’t the case than once or twice a week will do.



There is no better feeling than combing your beard after a shower. This procedure will not only dry your beard faster, but it will untangle any knots you may have. The best tool for the job is a boar bristle brush. The reason being is that the brush provides a slightly more aggressive comb than a hair brush, as well as it trains the beard follicles to go into the direction you want.



Beard Oil - Province Apothecary

Conditioning your beard hair is the most important part to getting that soft luxurious texture. Unlike your head hair, your beard uses a slightly different formula. Beard Oil is what you should use to condition your facial fuzz and getting beard oil with natural ingredients is even better. Beard oil has a number of benefits for your face including moisturizing your skin, cures split ends, applies sheen, and softens. Do this after every shower and it will keep your beard will looking fresh no matter the occasion.

I hope these tips help on your beard journey and stay tuned next week for a guide on trimming stray hairs!

Happy growing,

Mr. Cavaliere