Should You Tuck In Your T-Shirt?

Should You Tuck In Your T-Shirt?

Not all that long ago, a tucked-in T-shirt was a style faux pas worn by Napoleon Dynamite, your early elementary school self, and most likely, your dad right now.

Nonetheless, the style move has been adopted by menswear tastemakers (see Virgil Abloh David Gandy), which means it’s only a matter of time before you see your buddies rocking it too. The crazy thing is its super versatile. (This was the moment they talked about when they said I would eventually become my father…)

I think it’s safe to say that “Dad swag” is back in fashion. We have seen “dad” caps and mustaches gracing the runways of fashion’s elite, with pleated pants and tucked in tees as the newest menswear revival. But how can you don this look without looking like Steve Urkel? You got to get the right tee.


The fit is key. Throwing on a form-fitting t-shirt may not be your best bet (nobody wants to see your manboobs). Try something slightly looser. It will give your body some breathing room and will hide those pesky areas like your beer-filled mid-section. As for the length of the tee make sure it’s long enough that you can actually tuck it in. There is nothing more embarrassing than bending over and exposing your underwear for the world to see (no matter how comfy your BN3TH boxers are). That’s one trend that we can leave in the 90’s.

How about the neckline of your tee? Well, there are two variations that work. A crew neck is as classic as it gets. Rock it like James Dean and you’ll be sure to add a couple extra rebel points to your style (you don’t need a cause either). A henley can also be worn tucked. As I always say, henleys are the sexier cousin of the crew, so keep this in mind when sporting one. You can thank me later.


When it comes to the sleeves feel free to the give them a roll of two if you so choose. As we mentioned in our latest style challenge, a sleeve roll can only enhance the look of your arms even if you’re lacking the bi’s and tri’s to fill it out.

That’s it! Try rocking the look with a suit, with a leather jacket, or just by itself. The ultimate key is confidence son.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Vincent Ko