Shades Of Grey

Shades Of Grey

Grey is one of the most versatile colours a man can wear. It’s one of a handful of tones that can go from day to night and always looks appropriate no matter the occasion. Not to mention dressing in shades of grey is one of the best ways to make a sophisticated style statement. For that reason, we chose to put together two looks incorporating this cashmere grey chunky roll neck from The Tailor Retailored.

Shades of grey1

Shades of grey3

Shades of grey2

Replacing a shirt and tie for a turtleneck can be one of the most interesting style statements you can make. Not only does the combination look appealing to the eye, but historically this was the rebel uniform. Traditionally the turtleneck and suit combo was a form of showing that you were a part of the anti-establishment and against the views of the shirt and tie crowd. What’s more is that the turtleneck was used as the item of choice for jewel thieves as it was a simple way to conceal their identity when flipped up on the face. Who said turtlenecks couldn’t be badass?

Shades of grey 4

Shades of grey5

Shades of grey6

As we are all well aware of, different occasions call for different attire. When a blazer isn’t required, a trench coat is a great alternative for the morning commuter. Paired with black leather gloves, a great time piece, and dressy leather shoes, you will be sure to make an impression on everyone you meet.

Shades of grey7

Shades of grey9

For more information on my chunky cashmere turtleneck or on The Tailor Retailored click here.

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