Road Trip Style featuring The New 2015 Mustang GT

Road Trip Style featuring The New 2015 Mustang GT

Getting out of the city after a long work week just feels good. Whether the destination is a family cottage or even just a drive to the nearest lake, hitting the open road has an excitement that just can’t be explained. But why is it that on a road trip our attire very rarely matches our joyful mood? For this reason I decided to ask the beautiful Theresa Wilson to come to Jacksons Point with me to not only explore, but to show all you out there how to look both comfortable and stylish on the go.



When I envision the perfect getaway, I picture a beautiful summer day, a great look, a gorgeous woman, and a slick convertible. With three of the four elements in tact all I needed was that perfect ride and what possibly could be better than the new 2015 50th anniversary Mustang GT. With a built in GPS, a retractable top, and V8 engine, it was truly a thrill to drive.



 As we drove I couldn’t help but think about how this classic American machine had effected the way people lived as well as dressed. Notable dapper dudes like Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Steve McQueen were commonly seen driving this automotive masterpiece and made it the iconic vehicle of the American dream. Fast-forward to 2015, 50 years after its release and it still hasn’t lost its novelty.



Instead of putting together the quintessential driving outfit, I thought I would take a modern approach to compliment the new sixth generation Mustang. I decided to pair a beige fedora, club master sunglasses, a denim button-up shirt, a navy braided belt, teal embroidered shorts, a nato strap watch, and, blue driving mocs.



As we approached our destination it was quiet and stunning just as we imagined. The marina had various boats sailing around as well as a number of fishermen trying to catch their dinner.




Lastly if you get a chance this weekend, try and take a drive out of the city and explore! If you need some extra motivation remember what Ralph Watson Emerson quoted, “Life is about the journey not the destination”.




Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere