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Are Jeans Appropriate to Wear on Casual Fridays?

StyleJonathan Cavaliere
Are Jeans Appropriate to Wear on Casual Fridays?

With office dress codes seemingly getting more and more casual by the day, this begs the question, are jeans appropriate to wear to the office on Fridays?

There have been many debates and arguments surrounding this topic for years, but never more frequently than now. Tech companies are barely wearing clothing at all and the financial sector really hasn’t given their suits a break.I think there’s a simple answer to this question; In most office places, my answer is yes - but make sure it’s the right pair of denim.


You may be asking yourself, “Well, what’s the right pair of jeans?” I would say dark indigo blue denim would be best, similar to these Levis 511 Commuter jeans that I’m wearing from Mark’s. Not only are they easy to pair with, but they have tons of functionality that will allow you to go from the office to a night on the town. First things first, you have to pick up a pair that fits right. The Levis Commuter jean sits perfectly on the hip and thighs and is slim (not skinny) throughout the leg. For guys that have big sports thighs like me, the 2-way stretch fabric gives you tons of mobility and is honestly great for comfort. Depending on what type of work you’re in, you’re probably going to have to bend down or pick something up at some point and there is nothing worse than showing your co-workers a plumbers crack. To combat against this, the Levis Commuter has a higher back rise for added coverage, so you can get to work without having to yank up your jeans 24/7.


A good jean should be able to be worn all year round. The Levis Commuter has all season technology they like to call COOLMAX®. This technology allows the jeans to adapt to varying weather conditions. In the summer, COOLMAX® technology also allows the jeans to breathe better so that your legs can stay cool and dry. On the contrary, COOLMAX® can be a way to insulate your lower half on those cold winter days as well.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, make sure your jeans are hemmed. There is nothing worse that jeans that are too long. That weird break when the hem of your jeans hits your shoes is not a look you want to go for. I also recommend hemming them a bit shorter, like you would your dress pants, to give your overall look a clean silhouette.I hope I have debunked any hesitation that you had when wearing jeans to the office and if anyone at work gives you flack, just tell them Mr. Cavaliere said so!

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Steven Lee