It’s Time to Accessorize this Summer

It’s Time to Accessorize this Summer

If you have been a reader of the blog, you know that I am a huge fan of layering to create a visual interest in my looks. With the heat in the summer months unbearable at times, wearing layers can be a death sentence. The question is how can I look dapper while staying cool? Well one way is through pairing accessories.



Accessorizing is one of the most important elements to dressing stylishly. Because menswear is quite limiting in terms of silhouettes, adding some personal flare through accessories is one of the best ways to make a statement.



Whether it’s a pocket square, a lapel pin, sunglasses, or a great watch, the right accessory can elevate your look whilst giving you a cool confident demeanor.



Brown leather loafers - Rockport

Probably one of my favorite statement accessories is a great bow tie. Bow ties are one of the most masculine accessories around and unlike its vertically hanging counterpart, the bow automatically demands respect. One of my favourite places to get mine is a Toronto based bespoke bow tie company called Maison des bows. All the ties are handcrafted locally and the whole process is completely customizable from fabric selection to shape. Lastly, with father’s day coming up in just over a week, what better gift to get your dad than something exclusively made for him!



For more on Maison des bows check them out here or follow them on social media at @MaisonDesBows.


Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere