Invest in Transitional Sweaters

Invest in Transitional Sweaters

As the first snowfall of the season has already came and went, it’s a pretty good indication that winter has officially arrived.  With the sub zero temperatures this season brings, your sweater game is going to be in heavy rotation. For this reason, I wanted to talk a little bit about investing in sweaters and knits that can be easily transitioned from day to night.

Invest in Transitional Sweaters 1

Transitional sweaters are a great way to keep your wardrobe exciting without a ton of effort. Typically, I like to define a transitional sweater as a knit that you can adjust to make fit any occasion. This deep red mock neck button up cardigan from RW&CO. is a perfect example of a sweater you can wear in the coolers months to come.

Invest in Transitional Sweaters 2


One great feature about this sweater is that the buttons can change its visual aesthetic. You can button it all the way up for a warm mock neck variation, leave the top two buttons open for a business casual vibe, or undo all the buttons for a laid back look.

Invest in Transitional Sweaters 3

For this look we wanted to put something together that would be perfect for a weekend in the city or a dinner date. If you’re running around in winter, warmth is a priority. So, we decided to put together a grey turtleneck, a bold check over coat, black chino pants, black boots, and black leather gloves. To transition this sweater to an office appropriate look, just swap out the turtleneck and chinos for a dress shirt and trousers. It’s literally that easy!


Yours truly,

Jonathan Cavaliere