How to Wear a Coloured Coat This Winter

How to Wear a Coloured Coat This Winter

With the first snowfall coming earlier than normal this year, it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. First on the agenda is outerwear. Whether you are a peacoat guy, a single breasted top coat man, or a down-filled puffer fan, getting a jacket that can keep you warm throughout winter’s coldest days is imperative.

For some of you, these three essential winter variations are something you already own and are now thinking what can I add to my monochromatic winter arsenal that will give me a sartorial edge. A coloured coat is the answer.



Typically when it comes to coloured outerwear guys seem a little hesitant to invest in a coat that is anything out of the normal navy, grey, or black. A coloured coat can give you that extra bit of visual appeal that can make all the difference.


Brown HOLBROK boot - ECCO 


Another common misconception guys have about coloured outwear is that is has to be bold. This Khaki wool blend peacoat from RW&CO. is not only versatile but makes a subtle statement.  It can also transition easily from the office commute to your weekend camping trip.


My advice when investing in a coloured coat this winter:  stick to colours you find on leaves in the fall. Anything in green, beige, maroon, and deep orange is a safe bet that you are on the right track.


Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere