How to Make Valentine’s Special for Her

How to Make Valentine’s Special for Her

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! For those of you going on a date with a new flame or just spending time with a loved one, I think it’s always important to take a look back at what lead you to this point.

For Hillory and I, this marks our second Valentine’s Day together. It’s crazy to see how much we’ve grown as a couple and I am excited to see what the future holds.If you remember last year’s Valentine’s day post, it was the first time that Hillory had made an appearance on the blog. I can honestly say I was more nervous to post that article than I had ever been. At the time, we had only been officially dating for a few months and I had kept the blog relatively female-free. The fact that I was letting you, the readers, in to my personal life was something that I wasn’t sure would pan out. Thankfully, the post was a success and our relationship continued to flourish.

This year, we wanted to do an editorial that spoke to how our relationship has grown over time. In our first post, like any blossoming relationship, we were still getting used to each other, so the theme was very playful. This time around, shooting together was much more comfortable and we wanted to accurately show how we interact with each other on a regular basis.


Whether it’s the way you dress when you see that special someone or making a surprise reservation to a spot your date loves, I truly feel that continuously putting in effort is what keeps your relationship moving in the right direction.

For Hillory, one thing she loves more than anything is to wear complimentary outfits. I personally am not the biggest fan, but for special occasions and for Valentine’s Day in particular, I can make an exception.For this reason, I complimented her baby blue floral lace dress with a grey plaid suit with a blue window pane overlay. I added a navy floral shirt to contrast the look and to add another complimentary element. Special thanks go out to Ted Baker for the whole look!

This Valentine’s day, remember that the small things you do really can go a long way

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere