How to Make a True Canadian Caesar Cocktail

How to Make a True Canadian Caesar Cocktail

As a Canadian, I find it very difficult to classify something as inherently ours.

Yes, we are well known for being good at hockey and ending every sentence with “eh”, but when it comes to cuisine, our taste buds are as multicultural as the people who inhabit this great country.

With that being said, the Caesar cocktail is something you typically can only find in Canada and in my opinion, it is superior to our southerly neighbour’s variation, the Bloody Mary.To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I thought I would concoct a cocktail with true northern elements to create a drink that I like to call the Cavaliere Summer Caesar.

Below are all the Canadian-sourced ingredients you need to make this Canuck cocktail:


Start by mixing 15 grams of Walter's Craft Caesar celery salt with about 10 grams of fine maple sugar in a plate or flat based bowl. Take a slice of lime and rim the mason jar by wetting it with the lime zest; then turn glass upside down into the seasoning and twist. Turn the jar right side up and let dry. Fill with a generous amount of ice and add a shot (or two) of Canadian Polar Ice Vodka. Add about two dashes of French’s Worcestershire sauce, about a dash or so of hot sauce, and about three dashes of salt and pepper.Now for the key ingredient! For this true Canadian cocktail, we strayed from traditional options and instead went for French’s Caesar Original Cocktail Mix. They use 100% Canadian tomatoes which are processed and packaged right here on our native land.To finish the Cavaliere Summer Caesar, use the celery stalk to stir well. Garnish with a piece of crispy Canadian bacon and it's ready to enjoy!

For a more in-depth look at the process, take a look at this step by step video:


Special thanks to The Good Son for allow us to use your impeccable bar area.

Cheers to the summer!

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Sean Pollock 

Video by Patrick Tomasso & Justin Lawrence