How to Keep Your Feet Stylish and Warm This Winter

How to Keep Your Feet Stylish and Warm This Winter

Winter’s chill has arrived. I can imagine that you probably haven’t hesitated into making your winter parka and heavy duty gloves everyday essentials. Today, I want to take a good hard look at what you are putting on your feet.

SMTN0110-Edit Boots are always a go to when the temperature starts to dip, but I continually find that it’s a wardrobe element guys often overlook. When I am walking the streets of Toronto, I find that guys are only wearing two types of boots. There are the guys who are wearing big, bulky, oversized, duck boots or guys who resort to their thin combat boots with little to no insulation. For this reason, I want to introduce you all to the stylish method that I use.


Whether I am hiking through the woods or running around the city, I like having a pair of boots that can be versatile enough for any occasion and warm enough for the commute. I find the boot options at Mark’s has the best of both worlds built in. These black Porto Martim boots from Denver Hayes have a sleek design and functional capability. However, wearing these alone is not my only secret to braving our frigid Canadian temperatures.



Socks have a lot to do with how warm your feet are. It’s essential to invest in a good pair of socks that will keep your feet comfy and cozy when braving sub zero temperatures. For this reason, I typically pair my Copper Sole work socks with these boots. These socks not only keep my feet warm, but have a colored stripe around the band for an athletic look.


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