How to #FindYourMagic with the New Advanced Collection from AXE

How to #FindYourMagic with the New Advanced Collection from AXE

As a young boy, I vividly remember watching superhero TV shows where normal guys would miraculously discover that they had powers. Whether it was super human strength, levitation, or even a web-slinging ability, I always wondered what power I would develop when I grew up. Fast forward 18 years later and I sadly have not found the ability to fly or teleport. However, I feel like I have discovered something about myself that I can classify as “magic”.


The Mr. Cavaliere blog is that magic for me. The things I dreamed about just five short years ago have happened and opportunities that I couldn’t even have fathomed have come to fruition. My passion for menswear and a superior lifestyle have taken me to amazing places and continue to surprise me every day.

This feeling is exactly what AXE wants you to find for yourself. AXE has come out with two new collections to help you feel confident while you #FindYourMagic.


The Urban collection is designed to give you the edge you need while keeping you fresh all day. With vanilla and fresh ginger, this collection mixes sweet and spicy scents to create an exotic combination. This collection is perfect for my busy lifestyle from running from client meets to traveling for business. A personal favorite of mine in this collection is the Matte Gel that gives my hair the hold it needs, without being too stiff.


Adrenaline is designed to conquer your senses for whatever comes your way. The antiperspirant in this collection is perfect for the fitness enthusiast that wants to add an elements of freshness to their game. It comes in both a dry spray and stick and has a rush of fresh green woods, fruit, smooth amber and a hint of spicy pimento pepper. On top of this, the new antiperspirants from AXE all provide the highest level of odor protection with the newly developed 48-hour fresh technology.

I definitely recommend trying out the new collections from AXE and finding what scents work for you. Allow AXE to give you the confidence you need to combat against any challenge that may come your way. You never know what could happen!

Yours truly,

Jonathan Cavaliere