How to Dress For Her This Valentine’s Day

How to Dress For Her This Valentine’s Day

Whether you are taking out the girl you have had your eye on for some time, or just setting up a romantic evening with your current flame, what you wear on the 14th is important. More than anyone else, women want to know they are a significant part of your life. By dressing up this Valentine’s Day, it will show her you still love her as much as the day you asked her to be yours.



With help from our friends at EXPRESS, we thought up a couple of things to consider when putting together your Valentine’s Day outfit.


The first step of putting together a great look this Valentine’s day is to incorporate the color of the holiday. Whether you accent your outfit with a little bit of pink, or go for something completely red, this small touch will go a long way. This attention to detail will show her that you take pride in your appearance. Personally, I don’t know one woman who doesn’t appreciate that!




For my look I decided to go with a red micro check dress shirt, a pink polka dotted tie, a dark red chino pant, a striped sock, a nato strap watch and dark blue wingtips. This look effortlessly ties the holiday colours together, whilst still being quite subtle. Even after the 14th, all these pieces can continue to be essentials in your wardrobe.



Don’t forget about your shoes! Studies have shown that women judge men based on their footwear selection. This Valentine’s Day, make sure your shoes are on point. If they aren’t, it’s either time to break out the shoe shiner or pick up a new pair.


If you follow these simple style rules, I promise you will end up looking like the photo below by the end of the night.

valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day!Yours truly,Jonathan Cavaliere