Jonathan Cavaliere

How to Budget for Travel (without all of the headaches)

Jonathan Cavaliere
How to Budget for Travel (without all of the headaches)

Travel is a mental antidote.

Whether you’re feeling restless, unmotivated, stressed, uninspired, or just plain stuck, jet-setting somewhere new is most definitely the cure. It takes you out of your comfort zone, allows you to appreciate the small things in life and expands your perspective. However, let’s face it - needing a mental-vacation can be expensive! Especially when hydro bills, rent, phone payments and groceries all tally up. Travel can often get pushed towards the end of the priority list, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be the case.

That’s why I partnered with RBC to show you two tactics I use to allow me to plan for my globetrotting-schedule.

 First things first, travel is all about saving. Whether your dream is to see the pyramids of Giza or drive down the coast of California - being able to fuel your ambitions can seem costly. Luckily, RBC has you covered.


What if there was a tool that not only saves you money, but also stashes it away for you? Well, you’re in luck. RBC’s NOMI Find & Save is a digital tool that uses predictive technology to proactively analyze your spending habits. It finds you savings and automatically sets them aside for you - so you don’t have to put too much thought into it. It’s that simple. 

NOMI sends me a push notification, alerting me every time money is saved, to help balance savings and day-to-day banking. What’s actually insane is that Canadians are saving an average of $187 per month through NOMI Find & Save. That’s approximately $2,244 a year - which can basically get you a round trip ticket anywhere in the world!

My second less-than-secret-tip to travelling the world is my Avion card. What I love most about my Avion is the flexibility. As an Avioner, I automatically get access to the best of everything. From best-in-class travel rewards, to exclusive perks and privileges (plus points every time I tap, insert, or swipe).

Japan .jpg

Here’s what I get with my Avion:

  • I earn 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1 I spend, plus an extra 25% on eligible travel related purchases

  • I can choose any airline, any flight, any time

  • RBC Avion just removed the 14-day advance booking requirement from the Air Travel Redemption Schedule, making it even easier for me to redeem and fly with over 130 airlines, on any route, at any time!

Those are my secrets to effortlessly budgeting for travel. What are yours? Do you think travel is a great way to give your brain a break? Send me a message on Instagram or Twitter @MrCavaliere as I would love to chat about saving for your next adventure!