What We Hope to Achieve in 2018

What We Hope to Achieve in 2018

While it may look like we here at Mr. Cavaliere have it all figured out sometimes, that’s not always true. We are in a constant state of growth and are looking to improve ourselves – to not only better our own lives, but to better the world-class advice we give on a weekly basis. With the end of another calendar year, we thought we would give you an in-depth look into our pasts, triumphs, and what we hope 2018 has in store.

Jonathan Cavaliere

2017 was very much a year of calculated risks. Revamping Mr. Cavaliere was definitely one of the biggest projects I have taken on in my career and I’ve noticed that every day I’m learning something new.As many of you know, I want Mr. Cavaliere to be a place where men can go to learn something valuable that they can incorporate to enhance their quality of life. While I think we have done a pretty good job to date, I truly believe we are just scratching the surface.2018 will be an experimental year both professionally and personally. I want to see what our team is really made of and I hope Mr. Cavaliere can be a reflection of the journey.

Sean Pollock

My 2018 is going to be based on three things:1. Meditate once a dayI want a routine every day that will keep me grounded and to teach myself the importance of listening to your breath. A lot of stillness can be accomplished simply through breathing and this can really send your day in the right direction.2. Have two vegetarian days per weekI believe the majority of the world will be shifting to plant-based diets in the future and for ethical reasons, I want to start doing my part. Taking the time to eat a vegetarian diet twice a week will allow an easier adjustment into it.3. Visit my grandparents at least once a monthI have three out of four grandparents that are still around and two are within a subway ride of where I live. As we get older, the importance of maintaining that relationship has become stronger to me, especially when they're so accessible and many others do not have that same opportunity.

Justin Lawrence

This year I want to try new things that get me outside of my comfort zone.2017 was a year of lessons and internal growth. However, something that does stand out as an opportunity is that I didn't do enough to really challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. I have a tendency to play it safe and go with what I'm comfortable with. I'm hoping that I can be bold and find more opportunities that can expand me professionally and personally.

Rob Brunette

For 2018, I'd like to teach myself more 3D software for modelling and texturing. I work in the entertainment industry, and essentially everything is 3D nowadays. It's important for me to constantly be learning new software and skills to stay competitive in my industry.

Brody Langley

I’ve never been too fond of New Year’s Resolutions, however, there’s something about the turn of a new calendar year that brings a fresh start and an opportunity for self-reflection. My goals for 2018 revolve around 3 main pillars: health, wealth, and happiness.My health goals for 2018 are to improve my physical strength, increase mobility/flexibility, and to improve upon my 2017 diet. Although I already consider myself to be a relatively healthy individual, I will make small adjustments to live more optimally. My high-level game plan to achieving these health goals, is as follows:- Plan and program my training routine in quarterly 3-month blocks- Dedicate at least 30-minutes each morning or evening to stretching and mobility work- Explore new foods and recipes to add to my current meal planMy wealth goal is to save at least 50% of my after-tax income in 2018. I’ve always admired those who have the ability to live below their means, as it can take a great deal of discipline and planning. I plan on achieving this goal by minimizing my living expenses, planning cost-effective social outings, and reducing unnecessary spending on hobbies and frivolous purchases.Lastly, my happiness goal is to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and to spend more time with friends and family. Of course, I can’t add more hours to my days, but I can certainly plan to accommodate for all of my priorities. In 2017, I romanticized the idea of “the hustle.” I was working upwards of 16-hours per day between my day job and side projects, which was unsustainable and often led to me burning out. By planning and optimizing my schedule, I’m confident that I can accommodate all of my priorities.