Hastings & Co. – The New Affordable Minimalistic Timepiece

Hastings & Co. – The New Affordable Minimalistic Timepiece

One item that I think every man should own is a good timepiece. There is something about a watch that adds an element of sophistication and class to any outfit. As we know, building a watch collection can be expensive if you are looking for something timeless and of good quality. Thankfully Mark Ang, founder of Hastings & Co., has come up with a solution.

Ever since Mark was a young man he has had a passion for watches. Mark tells us a little about his experience when he was given his first luxury timepiece. “Everything about it was amazing. Its sophistication, beauty, and even the process of unpacking it was just unforgettable.” Sensing a void in the market for this luxury experience at an affordable price, Mark started Hastings & Co.

Mark tells us that “it’s important to invest in things that our customers won't be wearing on their wrist, it's all about creating a unique experience around Hastings.”

With this attention to detail engraved in the soul of the brand, Mark has found a way to garner some international attention. “We're excited to have backers in all four corners of the world, including Australia, Norway, Mexico, Singapore,  Netherlands, the UK, Canada, the US, Hong Kong, Russia, and Germany”.

Being a new brand Mark and his team wanted to go for something simple and classic for their first edition. “We opted to go with a 40 mm case that was 6 mm in thickness to achieve a minimal look. We custom make our watch by hand and carefully selected the colour of each strap to coordinate with our silver and rose gold faces. On top of this we wanted our piece to last. For this reason we incorporated 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass. These two materials together can withstand anything daily-wear can possibly throw at it.”

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Mark also told us about the special engraving on the back of his first edition of watches. “We wanted to capture what the town of Hastings is - a small fishing village in East Sussex, UK. From the small town structures to the docked fishing boats, we hope every wearer of our watch appreciates the authentic heritage design.”

For more on Mark Ang and his new brand Hasting & Co. head over to hastingsandco.ca to find out how you can get your hands on one. Lastly add promo code "MrCavaliere2015" for 15% off your first purchase!

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