Exploring Motor City Detroit with Ford: Day 1

Exploring Motor City Detroit with Ford: Day 1

As those of you who follow me on Instagram (@MrCavaliere) know, a couple of weeks ago Ford asked me if I would be interested in joining them on an adventure in Motor city!

As I had never been to Detroit I was excited about the opportunity and I thought what better way to show you my journey than through the lens of my iPhone.

For much of the beginning of the 19th century, Detroit and surrounding Michigan was an industrial giant. Detroit, in particular, was a hot bed for the automotive industry and to this day it’s known as the place that put the world on wheels. In the process, giving Detroit its nickname Motor City. However, in the latter half of the 1970’s, American automotive companies started working with state of the art Japanese facilities and by 2009, Detroit was the first American city to declare bankruptcy.

Now “American’s Great Comeback city” is living up to its billing. The revitalization of Motown is focusing on its roots by finding innovative ways to manufacturer in America. This brings me to the theme of the trip itself, as media from various industries came together to visit the leaders that are the driving forces behind putting Detroit back on the map.Our first stop was to Shinola, a watch company that was established in 2011. Shinola believes in the idea that products that are made in America are synonymous with quality and it’s hard to argue that when you see the stunning creations they hand-craft on a daily basis. Today Shinola is much more than a watch company. They produce bikes, leather goods, record players, and are currently joining Detroit’s infrastructural renaissance by creating the companies’ first hotel and residence on Woodward avenue.


Our next stop was Detroit Denim co., which is as blue collar as the city itself. We all know that denim is synonymous with labor and hard work, so I think it’s fitting that Detroit denim is making jeans that will last the test of time. Every pair of denim that comes out of their shop is made in-house with fabric sourced in the USA and also comes with a lifetime warranty. I personally love their repair center, where you can bring your old or new jeans to get patched up and customized. As all denim lovers know, jeans most definitely get better the more you wear them.


After a delicious dinner and cocktails at Wright & Company, we walked over to Tiger Stadium to watch the Detroit Tigers take on the Baltimore Orioles. We ended the day by heading over to Baker’s Keyboard lounge, which they claim is the world’s oldest jazz club! Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and Oscar Peterson are just a few notable names that have graced their iconic stage over the years.


Stay tuned for day 2 of my Motor City journey, where we explore Detroit’s art deco architecture and visit some iconic automobiles.

Words & Photography by Jonathan Cavaliere