Everyday Wisdom from a Royal: Prince Harry

Everyday Wisdom from a Royal: Prince Harry

With the Royal Wedding at our doorstep, we think it’s fitting to showcase Prince Harry as an ordinary bloke that men can learn a thing or two from, just 20 mil pounds wealthier and marrying the Rachel Zane of our dreams.

. . . . .

Since the infamous Vegas nudes fiasco branded him as the “bad-boy Prince”, the world began to appreciate that Prince Harry was capable of a royal (though oddly relatable) fuck-up. Considered a lad’s lad for his antics, men around the world recognized him as just another one of the boys.It’s not easy finding a happy medium between taming boyish habits and growing into a responsible and chivalrous man, but this Prince Charming shows us that getting your sh*t together is possible at any status. Here’s how:



Watching Harry strategically maneuver being a relatable, fun, and committed Royal shows us that while duty always calls, balancing responsibility with some flair is crucial. Whether it’s playfully teasing a toddler with popcorn at the Invictus Games or poking fun at Meghan’s American vocab during the Commonwealth Youth Forum, this Prince is always getting it done while keeping things light hearted and without taking himself too seriously. Carrying on with your everyday responsibilities as a parent or CEO of the next multi-million dollar start-up is just as important as finding opportunities to enjoy life in between all that hard work. So our first royal lesson to adopt from Prince Harry: keep your eye on the prize, but let your boyish charm shine through every now and again.



Speaking of charm, Prince Harry’s offbeat fashion sense also speaks volumes about the happy balance he maintains in his duties. Part of owning your look is to feel good by dressing according to your personality. Harry supports this wholeheartedly, as you’ll find him discarding tradition at most of his day-time appearances, and rocking a tieless open collar that excludes effortless comfort.  Though menswear as whole may now embrace being casual, obviously sneakers and jeans aren’t appropriate for all occasions. For a fresh look, try mixing lighter shades into your regular business-casual wear. Prince Harry’s go-to for daytime outings is a collared top or blazer paired with chukka boots, both in a lighter colourway. A darker bottom breaks up the lighter colour scheme and adds some more serious vibes to the look. The days of gloomy outfits, constricting ties and clunky brogues are long gone, and even the Royals (who are sticklers for tradition) know that.



Love, the most difficult area to find a perfect balance between pleasure and pain, and yet even here Prince Harry has reigned successful. With Meghan Markle as his leading lady and apparent kryptonite, the Prince has found his match. You’ll catch the two laughing and enjoying themselves no matter what they’re doing. The key to this authentic connection is mutual trust and respect. A healthy relationship has no place for insecurities, so it’s important to make your partner feel safe and secure, which is a gargantuan feat when you’re literally a royal prince from a family that once ruled the world. Though he has set the bar quite high, remind your partner of how much you care (I know, feelings are gross) and celebrate them as much as Harry does Meghan. Now for the rebellious part of their romance... Meghan and Harry met on a blind date (you’re not going to just find your Royal on Bumble), then had a secret getaway to Botswana where they spent 5 days completely alone, and from that point on went incognito – never spending more than 2 weeks apart despite the 5,709 kilometers between them. I mean, how much more of a balance between Royal responsibilities and a passionate romance could you ask for? Chivalry may not be dead after all.

Take notes, subjects! Effort, trust and excitement are the means to finding that sweet place between pleasure and pain in your romance. While Prince Harry may be an anomaly (in the kindest sense), he understands the power of personality and status, and utilizes his own to influence others for the better. Whether it’s leading his lady to a ball at Buckingham or initiating the Invictus Games, Prince Harry effortlessly juggles both areas of his life unlike any other Royal. He shows the modern man that it’s possible to get your sh*t together without becoming boring. However, finding your Rachel Zane may be a slightly more complicated feat that we’ve yet to decode.

Words by Daniela Di Vito