A Comprehensive Gift Guide for That Lady in Your Life

A Comprehensive Gift Guide for That Lady in Your Life

Getting the perfect gift for your significant other during the holiday season is always difficult. You want to make sure it’s flawless and something that she’ll truly love. With help from our friends at Upper Canada, we’ve chosen five gifts that will pleasantly surprise your partner. The three milestones we’ve chosen are significant periods in the relationship and that deserve more thought.

First Holiday Season Together


Wellness Gift Set

Everyone loves to relax around the holidays. Pick her up some essential oils or a pampering gift set from Saje to help her unwind. Lavender essential oils smell great and will help her get some rest, while refreshing eucalyptus oils are perfect for making your bathtub smell like a spa.

Her New Favourite Fragrance

This is one of those fairly inexpensive gifts that takes some preparation, but she’ll be sure to love. Find out if she prefers floral notes or more musky scents and ask the lovely people from Sephora for their expert opinions.

When You’ve Been Together for 2 Years or Under


A Warm Coat

Even if you don’t live in a country that’s as cold as Canada, this is one of those practical gifts with a sentimental purpose. Get her a coat that will keep her cozy and she will think of you every time she bundles up to head out the door. Honey has a great selection of outerwear if you’re having some trouble finding the perfect coat.

A Bathing Suit and Beach Bag

Who doesn’t love a two-part gift? This is one of those presents that she can open during the holidays when you surprise her with tickets to a tropical destination. She’ll love the idea of this present and the fact that you two will get to make some memories together. Don’t forget to ask her sister or one of her female friends for her swimsuit size so she can actually wear the one you picked on vacation.


Dating For 5 Years or More

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason and after being together for this long, you want to make sure she still feels special. Take some time picking out the perfect piece that she’ll love wearing every chance she gets. If you don’t know what kind of jewelry she would prefer, take a sneaky photo of her current collection and show them to the people at Metalsmiths Sterling for some tips.Whether this is your first holiday together or you’ve been dating for a while, getting her the perfect gift is just as simple as looking at your options. Luckily, Upper Canada has a great selection of stores for you to choose from when you’re getting that special lady in your life a gift this holiday season.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere