City Nights

City Nights

If you have been a reader of the blog for some time now, you know that I am a huge fan of colour. I would say that a traditional menswear piece infused with a colorful pattern and a great fit are definitely the three things that I look out for when shopping. For this reason I have always struggled with dressing for nights out in the city, as bold colours are almost frowned upon. Thankfully I have found a solution.

City Nights 4

City Nights 1

When dressing for a night on the town I always like to be tailored. This way, no matter where I end up my attire will be appropriate for the dress code. When infusing colour into a night look I recommend going for darker hues, as this will give your look a subtle pop.

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City Nights 3

In terms of wearing print, go for items that compliment the main staple piece in your look. For example, this navy denim DB blazer is my staple piece and to compliment it I chose to pair it with a dark plaid shirt, a paisley pocket square, and striped socks. These small hints of pattern can add an interesting visual element to any look and will ultimately make you stand out from the crowd.

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