Born Original: Jonathan Cavaliere

Born Original: Jonathan Cavaliere

On a regular basis, I am asked what originally got me interested in men’s fashion and style. When I search through old memories, there are a couple instances that relate to how my passion was ignited.

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As kids, whenever our parents would dress us up for formal gatherings, my sister and I use to pretend we were royalty. I think this was really the beginning of my love for creating stories through clothing. I vividly remember those days because I loved the way wearing a suit made me feel. I guess you can say that my love for menswear stemmed from that early sense of importance a suit brought.

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As I grew older, my clothing became slightly more functional. Growing up in the 90s, sportswear was everywhere and I was determined to have the best athletes displayed on my back. Whether it was Bryant or Totti, it was rare to find me in anything other than a jersey. My peers at the time admired my style and it gave people the impression that I was a force to be reckoned with in any athletic competition. This was the first time in my life that I learned how dressing a certain way could influence the way people perceived me. It felt good to have that control through my wardrobe.

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When I got to high school, my look made another drastic change. I went from wearing baggy athletic wear to slim-fitted, branded clothing. It was all about fitting in with the crowd while showing off my athletic physique. At this point of my life, it was all about attracting girls. The cooler you looked, the more attention you got from the opposite sex, and I was doing everything I could to get it. Once that look became mainstream, it got increasingly harder and harder to gain attention. This was the point where I decided I wanted to create a look that stood out.

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For the next two years, I experimented with various looks and styles and really got a grasp of what appealed to me and what didn’t. After working for a large men’s retail store, I learned about the rules of menswear. After my shift, I would go online and look up pictures of fashionable men.

As I got more and more interested in the menswear industry, I found that it became less about attracting women and more about showing my personality through my style. It was a way to show the world who I wanted to be, before I said a word. I guess the rest, as they say, is history.

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adidas’ new fragrances, Born Original for her and for him, are made for people who carve their own path. Created by perfumer Alienor Massenet, this Eau de Toilette has an addictive ambery cinnamon accord that delivers an intense beat of virile sensuality. With a fusion of rhubarb and violet leaves, Born Original for him has a green lyrical facet. Lastly Born Original also includes an interesting juxtaposition with spicy riffs of black pepper and orange oil.

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 I am a proud supporter of Born Original fragrances as I feel it represents my sense of individuality. Every time I spray Born Original for him on as I get ready for the day, I am reminded to be the best I can be, and to never follow the crowd.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere