StyleJonathan Cavaliere

Alpaca Wool: The Suiting Fabric of the Season

StyleJonathan Cavaliere
Alpaca Wool: The Suiting Fabric of the Season

With December in full-swing, we are fast approaching the official arrival of winter; a season accompanied by shorter days, plummeting mercury, and unpredictable precipitation.

As the inevitably frigid and unforgiving conditions of winter settle in, the modern man must find ways to keep cozy- a challenge known all too well by white-collar workers marching the streets, and pursuing the eventual warm embrace of corner offices, coffee shops, or the return home from a long day on the job.

No matter how thick your skin may be, you will undoubtedly need to be well-equipped for the season ahead, with respect to suiting- the question remains, “how can men combat the cold, without compromising style.”

Enter, Alpaca Wool


Alpaca wool is harvested from the South American cousin of the camel; the alpaca. It has been adopted by mass market and designer retailers alike, as an equally luxurious alternative to cashmere, due to its relative softness and ability to insulate heat without retaining water. It carries a number of additional benefits, as identified below:


The relative durability of alpaca wool makes it the perfect fabric when jumping on/off public transit, or dodging other commuters passing by. This is especially true if woven at a higher thread count which will help prevent garment degradation caused by day-to-day movement.


Contrary to the prickly nature of sheep’s wool, alpaca is a soft, luxurious, and hypoallergenic fiber, meaning it can be worn throughout the day without causing significant itch or irritation.



Alpaca wool is an incredibly breathable thermal insulator, which will keep you warm on frigid days, and cool during any unexpected climb in temperature.

Water resistance

Possibly one of the most surprising benefits of alpaca wool, is its resistance to water retention and its ability to insulate heat when wet. Whether you’re caught in the rain, sleet, or snow, alpaca has you covered.

What to consider when buying


Aside from the cut and fit of the suit, your first and most important consideration, should be the weight of the fabric. Alpaca wool suits can be heavy or light, depending on how the wool is spun. This will have a direct impact on both the warmth of the garment, and how it drapes and contours your build. For a more tailored look, go for a lighter weight. If warmth is your priority, opt for the heavier alternative.



As domesticated animals subject to selective breeding, alpacas come in more than 22 natural colours, and more than 300 shades. Choose from an expansive selection of blacks, blues, browns, fawns, whites, silvers, and greys.Winter weather can be scary, but with the right clothes, it can be made much more bearable. As the holidays approach and the temperature drops, consider alpaca wool as a means to keeping warm, dry, and dapper this winter season.

Words by Brody Langley

Photography by Sean Pollock