A Guide To Choosing The Right Online Dating Platform

A Guide To Choosing The Right Online Dating Platform

Online dating is a tedious process if you want to be somewhat successful at finding your perfect match.

Choosing a suitable platform takes some research and introspection on your goals, but thankfully you’ve got this guide to help. It’s time to decode each detail of the profiles you’ll be swiping through. Yes, that means a little more digging. With the majority of dating sites allowing five pictures and 180 characters to make an impression, deciding if you’ll click with a person based on this alone is tricky. So we’ve humanized each dating site to get a better feel of what they’re about and who you may find on them:

Elite Singles

If you’re serious about love, this is the Chris Harrison of dating sites who will guide you to finding The One (as he promises on the Bachelor(ette)). This is the person who has an answer to everything, backed up by research to be as authentic as possible. With a personality test and relationship questionnaire being two components used to deliver your 3-7 quality matches a day, there’s no overload of love, just genuine potential. And with such a rigorous entry and compatibility process, you can be sure to have more of a Bachelorette experience than MTV Catfish. Elite Singles is the person you can trust that there’s no cat-fishing bullshit going on!

Coffee Meets Bagel

The powerhouse of the dating game… actually dating isn’t a “game” to them. This is the one who’s aware that digi-dating varies, but swiping into oblivion isn’t productive when finding true love. Men, you’ll receive 21 genuine matches per day, having the option to Like or Pass them. But then the power is in the lady’s hands as she chooses from men who have already liked her. Being this selective ensures weaning out the fools, and leaving only the serious candidates for each party to embrace.


This is the casual dater of the bunch, swiping away, not giving much thought as to who comes their way. It could be true love or lust in disguise. With over 50 million users on Tinder, you’re bound to find exactly who and what you desire. In a recent study, it was found that Tinder is based on physical appearances since we tend to evaluate potential matches (both on and offline) depending on how much we have in common just by looking at them! So if you see what you like, swipe! On a side note: 8.9% of users are looking for love, while 20.1% of users are in search of a hookup, are curious, or are using Tinder for convenience and entertainment. So look carefully.


If Bumble were a person they’d be the “chill” one. The one who’s experienced the dating scene and now lets fate take its course. If you find love, great, if you make a friend among the 3 million Bumble BFF users, even better! Bumble bae doesn’t worry about who messages first (or at all) or if the 24 hours they have to message or be messaged by a match is going to expire soon. With Bumble, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz available to them anything is possible! BUT the lady still initiates the conversation, so just relax and wait for her to make a move. You know, act chill.


What you see is what you get, similar to Elite Singles… except on the opposite side of the spectrum. This is the blunt best friend we all know and love. It’s pretty straightforward: Make a listing (post your selfie and description), match, chat for only an hour, meet, fool around, never talk again. Everything remains private as Pure deletes your listing after an hour; it’s as if you stayed home alone last night reading a good book… so precious and Pure. You can have your cake and eat it too!Take on the digi-dating world with ease by assessing your personal goals in who or what you’d like to find online. Choose the right platform accordingly and you’ll be well on your way to finding love at first byte.

Words by Daniela Di Vito  

Illustration by Robert John Paterson