6 Interesting Ways to Accessorize Your Suit in 2016

6 Interesting Ways to Accessorize Your Suit in 2016

First off, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! As you write down your resolutions for the year, why not decide to make 2016 your most stylish year yet. As you know, we here at Mr. Cavaliere are committed to giving men the tools they need to dress better, so that they can live the best life possible. With that being said, it’s time to talk about a couple of ways to reinvent your suit game for 2016.

6 Interesting Ways to Accessorize Your Suit in 2016

In even the most conservative of workplaces, everyone knows that accessories are where we can show some personality. Whether it’s a cool tie or a bold watch, these items stand out and give people a sense of who we are. But what about showing some personality with other suit accessories? For this reason, we wanted to compile a list of 6 interesting ways to accessorize your suit that you may not have thought of.


Give your lapel some love

Lapel pins are a great way to add a small statement to your suit. With hundreds of different options to choose from in various shapes and sizes, there is no excuse to not pick up a couple in 2016. This one from Howard Matthews is a standout for me, as it can be easily worn with various looks while giving any outfit a very subtle pop.


Throw on a dapper hat

Up until the 1960’s, a felt hat with a suit was a mandatory accessory. Originally used as a way to protect your head from dust, sun, and the cold, this sophisticated accessory slowly disappeared as the rise of automobiles came into existence. Now, any hat that resembles ones from the early 20th century is seen as a dapper fashion statement. Let’s bring back gentlemanly hats, like The Duke hat from Brimz.


Add some blue to your shoes  

Typically, when you think about dress shoes, many envision something in a black or brown hue. This year, why not try something in a dark blue. These blue wingtips from Scarzza are not only business appropriate, but will compliment some of your navy and grey suits better than a brown or black shoe ever could.


Be unique

With the rise of men’s style posts on Instagram, tons of guys are inspired by what they see on their daily feed. In a way, this has been a great tactic to inspire men to dress well. On the other hand, it’s led to guys creating carbon copy outfits that lack any real character. One easy way to step out of the bubble is to invest in something unique, like these sunglasses from Kaltenbock optical. Kaltenbock strives to only carry sunglasses that can be found exclusively at their store. If you’re interested in exclusive shades, once Kaltenbock runs out in a style, they are cannot be reordered again. 


Update your sock game

Socks are definitely the best way to add a subtle pop of color to any suit look. Unlike other parts of the suit, socks can be as loud as you want them to be. Personal staples for my sock game are provided by Sock Fancy. Sock Fancy is a subscription service that gives you a couple of colorful printed socks each month. They make sure your sock game is always fresh.


Try out a braid

Belts are something simple that everyone can see. For those business casual settings, why not throw on a braided belt with your suit. This grey one from Anderson's is a favorite of mine, and I must admit I think they make the best belts out there.


Yours truly,

Jonathan Cavaliere