5 Tips for Gifting to Men

5 Tips for Gifting to Men

Gifting for men can be difficult. The key to getting a good gift is all about your mindset. That is why we talked to fellow men’s lifestyle expert, Coleman Molnar. Whether it’s your boyfriend, dad, friend, or colleague, he gave us 5 things to think about when shopping for the men in your life.

1. Whatever You Give, Give It with the Gift of Company

You know how men can be difficult to communicate with on the phone? Well, think of gifting in the same sense: it’s important to get some face time, especially during the holidays when people are busy. There is something special about sharing a bottle of scotch with those close to us, as it’s sharing a moment. This holiday season give the gift of great company to the men in your life with a bottle of DEWAR’S 12 and enjoy those quality moments.

2. Gift an Experience

Most men would prefer the gift of an experience that they can enjoy themselves or with friends. They relish the opportunity to engage in an activity. Think tickets to a sporting event or concert, reservations at his favourite restaurant or even a day to unwind at a spa.

3. We’re Sentimental, Too

Don’t be afraid to get sentimental when gifting to men. Even if it’s a friend or colleague, a thoughtful gift or kind words can go a long way to giving a gift with emotional staying power.

4. The Way to a Man’s Heart

Dewars 12 Bottle and Box

That’s right, men like to eat delicious things, and drink them, too. Introduce your guy this holiday season to the world’s most awarded blended scotch, DEWAR’S 12 is married in oak, making it the ultimate gift men should feel proud to gift this holiday season.

5. Know the Guy

The holiday season has some inherent social stresses. If the man you’re shopping for doesn’t like to make a big show out of gift giving and receiving, don’t make him. Instead of giving him your thoughtful or otherwise awesome present in a public setting where he’ll feel awkward, sneak it into his office, or give it to him in private where he can appreciate it without the social pressure.

Thanks again to Coleman for talking to us.

Happy Gifting,

Mr. Cavaliere