5 Sartorial style moves to adopt from Pitti Uomo

5 Sartorial style moves to adopt from Pitti Uomo

If you’re a fan of menswear and men’s style then you have definitely seen photos of the gentlemen that grace Florence, Italy twice a year for a trade show called Pitti Uomo. Pitti has grown over the years and it’s gone from merely a stop in a buying trip to a way of broadcasting yourself to the world as a men’s style influencer. The media coverage at the event has tripled in size which has created a plethora of images that have flood the networks of Tumblr and Instagram months after the doors of Pitti have closed.

For that reason, instead of re-posting what everyone else already has, I thought that putting together my top 5 sartorial style moves that I saw at Pitti would be more inspirational and beneficial. With that being said it’s time to add some “spezzatura” to your look!

pitti uomo

Get DB’d

The double-breasted trend is back and here to stay and if it wasn’t for Italian tailoring it would still be a fashion faux pas. In the 80’s the t-shirt and double-breasted blazer combo swept across the US with even iconic television figures from the show Miami Vice sporting the look. As the millennium rolled around the once popular silhouette was almost nonexistent in men’s tailoring and if worn, it was seen as out dated. Spring forward to 2011 and the first signs of the double-breasted blazer rears its ugly head back on the runways of some of the most notable names in fashion. Back to present day and the double-breasted blazer is back with a new silhouette and new feel that only the Italians could create.

pitti uomo blazer

Dusty pastels

There’s just something about wearing pastels that Italians do better than anyone else. It maybe their ideal climate or their willingness to be impeccably dressed all the time, but Italians make pastel colors look like essentials. The easiest way to incorporate some softer shades into your wardrobe is to pair them with basics and wear them in the summer only!

pitti uomo loafers

Wear driving mocs with everything

In Italy there are three essential pieces of footwear; brown monk straps, two tone black lace ups, and blue driving moccasins. Italians literally wear driving mocs with everything. Whether it’s a suit, chinos, shorts, or a bathing suit, Italians choose these slip-ons to add a casual appeal to any look.

pitti uomo style

Shorten your hems

Italians don’t understand what a break in your pant is. If the pant is just kissing the top of the shoe, the pant is at the perfect length and it’s time for us on the opposite side of the Atlantic to follow suit. Besides, why buy nice shoes if you can’t show them off?

pitti uomo pose

 Let your tie fly 

If I had to sum up Italian dressing in one word it would be: effortless. The art of looking like you just threw a bunch of clothes on without thinking twice about it is what the Italians like to call “spezzatura”. Being “sprezzy” boils down to even the smallest details and your tie is no exception. Most Italian gents will tie their tie with the but end slightly longer as if it was done by accident. Also, you will never see an Italian wearing a tie bar. It’s all about being casual and comfortable in sartorial clothing.

Get the look:

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