5 Belts Every Guy Should Own

5 Belts Every Guy Should Own

As many of us know accessorizing is one of the best ways to give your wardrobe some extra versatility. When we think of accessories, we typically think of watches, ties, and pocket squares, but there is one area around your hips that you are probably neglecting.

Belts traditionally have a very utilitarian vibe to them which in my opinion makes them inherently masculine. Today, belts come in all kinds of colours, shapes, and sizes which make choosing the right one a daunting task. For this reason we teamed up with Anderson’s to put together a list of 5 belts that you should own that will stand the test of time.

Before we get started let’s talk about some belt rules:

- Your belt should either match and or complement your shoes.

- The skinnier the belt the more formal it is and vice versa.

- Stick to the classic buckle style.

- Always buy a belt that is one or two sizes bigger than your waist.

- Flat leather belts are the most formal whereas other fabrics are typically more casual.

Now that you got that, let’s get started!

A Dressy Black Belt

Belts 2

Whether you are a karate master or not, every guy needs a black belt. Definitely the most formal belt in a man’s arsenal, the black belt was made for those occasions where you want to look like James Bond. Most importantly, don’t forget to always wear black shoes with a black belt!

The Every Day Brown Belt

Belts 5

A brown belt will definitely be the most worn belt in your wardrobe. For this reason, your brown belt should be a neutral colour that will go with various tones. It’s also important that your brown belt is durable for the wear and tear of everyday. We’re big fans of this brown leather belt from Anderson’s as it’s the perfect blend of functionality and Italian flare.

The Casual Blue Braided Belt

Belts 3

Besides my brown belt, my blue braided belt is probably the belt I wear the most. It’s perfect for those casual looks where a brown won’t do, but it’s dressy enough to wear with a cotton suit and a button down collared shirt. It’s easy to incorporate into pretty much any look and it fits quite nicely into any nautical inspired outfits due to its rope like appeal.

The Multi-Coloured Belt

Belts 4

Some belts were just not made to blend in. This multi coloured one from Anderson’s is one of those belts. The blend of grey, navy, and brown make the belt look masculine to the wearer while adding a subtle pop to an on-looker.

The Solid Coloured belt 

Belts 1

A solid coloured belt will add an interesting visual element to any outfit. We chose this oxblood version from Anderson’s as we thought it contrasted well with various tones in a man’s wardrobe while still looking quite slick when worn as a statement piece. We also liked that it was braided which gave the belt a slightly more casual feel when being worn with dark denim for a night on the town.

Special thanks to The Finchley Group & Anderson’s Belts for helping us out! For more on Anderson’s check them out on Instagram and Twitter @AndersonsBelts.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere