4 Tips to Make Your Cologne Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Cologne Last Longer

Winter is almost here - which means it’s not only time to revitalize your wardrobe, but your cologne as well.

While the warm weather naturally leads to more showers (and chances to re-apply your preferred fragrance), crisp days and longer nights mean more opportunities to carry your cologne from day to night. Here are 4 tips to get the most out of your signature scent this season.

 1. Keep Storage in Mind

The biggest mistake most men make is where they decide to store their cologne. The bathroom might seem like the most obvious place, but don’t make that fatal mistake. The heat, light and moisture can quickly kill the shelf-life of that brand new bottle of Santal you just purchased. I keep my fragrance on my nightstand, along with my other essentials. However, any cool or dry place will do.

2. Less is More

Unlike your body spray from high school, you don’t need to douse yourself in cologne for people to appreciate it. I use two sprays around the pulse points (wrist, elbow, neck and behind the ears). This allows the scent to adjust to my skin and release evenly over time.  Avoid spraying directly onto your skin or clothes, as this dilutes the fragrance and allows it to dissipate quicker.  

3. Layer Game Strong

Ever wonder why you always see so many fragrances packed into deodorant, body wash and almost every other grooming product you can think of? This is due to the fact that molecules in the fragrance bond with the oil in your skin. When you use multiple grooming products with the same scent, they give the fragrance a layer to bond with, instead of repel against. If possible, try to wear a congruent scent for all your grooming essentials (ex. aftershave/body wash/deodorant) to maximize the effect.

4. Perfume, Toilette or Cologne?

The decision between choosing a perfume or Eau de Toilette or cologne is a crucial mistake many men make when choosing their scent. Cologne has long been used as the generic industry name, but each label refers to the concentration of essential oils. The general guideline is: cologne has about 2-4%, eau de toilette has 4-8%, while perfume has 8-15%. Eau de toilettes and colognes are typically associated with warmer months, since they tend to consist of floral, citrus and fresh scents which are lighter overall. This type of fragrance will fade fast come the cooler months and will have you overdoing it quickly. Look for a perfume with heavier notes such as cedar, pine and cinnamon to last you through the winter.

The change in weather should not only bring a change in your wardrobe, but your grooming habits as well.  Think of your scent as a natural extension of your wardrobe and take the time to find a scent that works for you to end 2017 the right way.

Words by Anthony O’Dell