4 Jeans Every Guy Needs

4 Jeans Every Guy Needs

Jeans are the most fundamental staple in any man’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down and were originally made for work-wear and rebels. So the question is, how many should you have in your closet? Well, at minimum you need these four pairs in your menswear arsenal.pant_1

  1. Dark Denim

A dark pair of jeans is going to be your most versatile option. These jeans will easily pair with everything in your closet and can be worn from sunrise to sunset. Go for something slim, but not skinny, and look for something with a classic beige stitch. If you really want to get the most out of your jeans, why not go for a selvedge. The best part is, if you wear a selvedge pair long enough, it might start looking like number two on the list.Our Choice: 770 Raw Selvedge Jean from J. Crewpant_2

  1. Medium Wash Denim

A medium wash jean is the casual brother of your dark denim. These are best worn when running errands, on weekends, or on a day off. Due to the relaxed nature of the way this jean should be worn, choosing a denim with a little bit of stretch really adds that extra bit of comfort. When shopping for a pair of medium wash jeans, check to see if it has Lycra – as this will give you that added stretch, without allowing the fabric to lose its shape.Our Choice: Federal Sanford from Paigepant_4

  1. Black Denim

Whenever I think of black jeans, I automatically associate them as the pants of rock and roll. If this alone isn’t enough for you to invest in a pair, they can be a versatile option for when you want your look to be minimal and modern. A fashion-forward option at the moment is going for black moto jeans. If you’re up for it, look for a black jean with ribbing in the knees. This will give your outfits a subtle edge.Our Choice:  Black Slim Fit Moto Flex Stretch Jeans from EXPRESSpant_3

  1. White Denim

There is an everlasting debate if white jeans are an essential for men, but I truly believe they are. Most of the time, guys stray away from white jeans because they don’t think they can pull them off. However, with the right fit they can be a great option when you want to look like you’re a menswear enthusiast from the Amalfi coast.Another common misconception is that white jeans are made for summer. With that being said, I want to assure you that nothing looks better with a chunky cable knit and peacoat than a pair of crisp white jeans. Don’t believe me? Click here to take a look for yourself.Our Choice: White Selvedge Denim from Nautica What are your thoughts? Let me know what jean is a staple in your closet by commenting below or interacting with me on Instagram and Twitter!Yours truly,Jonathan Cavaliere