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4 Fall Menswear Pieces That Will Instantly Up Your Style Game

StyleJonathan Cavaliere
4 Fall Menswear Pieces That Will Instantly Up Your Style Game

Maybe it’s just me, but it literally felt like the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius (that’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for all of our American friends) the day the calendar said it was officially fall.

As a menswear enthusiast, this is probably my favorite season for style because us guys can really get creative when we get dressed. So, what is your fall wardrobe looking like?

Most guys have the essentials in their closets for fall, like a tweed blazer, a chunky-knit sweater, a top coat, and maybe even a Chelsea boot. However, how will you up the style ante this season, so you look new and improved?Well, this is where I can be of some assistance. The 4 items below will not only sharpen up your look, but they will most likely pair well with all the essentials you already own!


1. A thin gauge turtleneck

I literally live in a turtleneck in the fall and winter months! I like that a thick gauge turtleneck can be as formal as a shirt and tie, but as comfortable as your favorite crewneck sweater. Not only that, but it’s more practical than wearing a shirt on those windy fall days. Go for something in a black or grey to start and look for something in cotton, as it will be easier to get accustomed to if you don’t typically wear turtlenecks.

2. A printed blazer

A printed blazer can always liven up a look, but it’s particularly special when you rock one in the fall. With all the weighted fabrics and textures in the fall months, prints like this grey plaid DB variation have an extra bit of pizzazz.


3. A fall-coloured pant

Everyone has at least one pair of coloured summer pants, but why not have a fall option as well? Pant colors like hunter green, oxblood, and even this eggplant colored trouser I’m wearing can really bring a look to life. To style, just pair them with the neutral essentials you already have in your closet – like a grey sweater and black boot.

4. A black lace up

This may sound like an essential and it is, but finding the right black brogue with a wingtip pattern and contrast brown leather sole is a sure fire way to elevate a black shoe. My personal recommendation is this black derby lace up, from Town Shoes.Last, but not least, the easiest way to up your style is to have a furry sidekick, like @HudsonLeFrenchie!

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Steven Lee