3 Summer Celebration Dressing Tips

3 Summer Celebration Dressing Tips

With May just around the corner, this marks the unofficial start to special occasion season. Whether it is a summer wedding, religious function, or just a couple of fancy dinner parties, chances are you probably have a few commitments penciled in on the calendar.



Knowing what to wear on these types of occasions is probably the most difficult part. With the help of my girlfriend Hillory and our friends at RW&CO., we put together a list of three tips to keep you looking sharp when shopping for celebratory attire.



  1. Compliment your date

Whether you’re bringing your girlfriend, wife, or a lady friend you have been seeing, it is never a bad idea to ask what she plans on wearing. Complementing your date can be as simple as wearing a pocket square that corresponds with her dress, or as complex as pairing multiple patterns like in my outfit. Just remember, complimenting does not mean matching; so tread carefully.



  1. Go floral

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. So why not incorporate this principle into your attire? I know you are probably thinking, “Do I have to wear a bold floral shirt?” The simple answer is no. Incorporating a flower here and there is probably a lot easier than you think. For this look, I decided that my bowtie was going to be the floral element.



  1. Don’t forget to check your suit

Typically when you attend a special occasion, a sea of grey and navy suits will fill the room. This season, stand out a little and go for something in a check or plaid. The best part about a check suit is that if you purchase the right one, it can easily transition to the office. This subtle red plaid suit from RW&CO. is a great option, as you really have to get up close to notice the detail. If you didn’t have a date to complement in the first place, this element may even help if you get up close and personal with one the bridesmaids…


Hope these tips were helpful and make drinking all that cheap champagne a little easier. To get your hands on our outfits, head over to RW&CO.

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere