3 Easy To Use Hair Products for This Season’s Best Hairstyles

3 Easy To Use Hair Products for This Season’s Best Hairstyles

Having great style is not only about owning great clothes and coordinating them properly; it’s also about how your appearance compliments them. Having great hair is like the icing on top of a great look. Whether you are rocking a pompadour, a side part, or an undercut, we all know that product can be the difference between bed head and David Beckham. For that reason the wonderful people at AXE have developed three products to help us guys get this season’s best styles.

The Pompadour

pompadour - David Beckham

The pompadour is all about volume. After coming out of the shower, towel dry until the hair is slightly damp. Once that is done, take AXE’s Clean Cut Look Pomade and apply about a fingertip amount to your hand and rub it around vigorously. Once it’s spread evenly in your fingers apply it making sure you cover all of your hair. Take a blow dryer and with a comb brush the hair back and up giving your hair volume.  Next, depending on your preferred style, take a small amount of the pomade and just slick down your sides. After this you’re done and ready to hit up anything from a party at The Gatsby’s to a dinner date.

The Messy Side Part

Side part - Zac Efron

The side part is probably the most classic of the bunch. The modern side part is slightly messier than the way your grandpa wore it, as it suits our generations somewhat more lax dress code.  To style, dry your hair completely and comb through. After this, determine where you side part will be located. The best place is either in line with the highest point of your eyebrow or at the end of the eyebrow. Place the rest of the hair to the side. After your hair is in a place that is desirable, take AXE’s Messy Look Matte Hold Gel and rub it within your fingers. Apply it to your hair and instead of using your comb to finish, use your fingers to comb it into place for a messier appeal.

The Undercut

undercut - Brad Pitt

The undercut is a hybrid of the pompadour with a slightly slicker appeal. Wear this hair style if you are feeling slightly more adventurous for a modern aesthetic. After the hair is slightly damp, comb it all to the back of your head. Take a small amount of AXE’s Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Gel and rub it in your hands. Put the product in your hair while dispersing product from the front of the hair to the back. Comb all the hair back.

Lastly, if this video doesn’t inspire you to experiment with your hair, I don’t know what will!

Hope these tips were helpful and thanks as always for reading.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere