10 Ties Every Man Should Own

10 Ties Every Man Should Own

As you already know, a tie is one of the essential accessories for any well dressed man. But choosing the right ties can be a rather difficult task. For this reason, I wanted to put together a list of 10 essential ties that every man should own.

Navy Striped Tie


A navy striped tie is probably one of the most versatile and classic ties you can wear. Originally created in England during war times, the striped tie was made to identify your regiment. Today, it’s the basis of any man’s tie collection and is appropriate in any setting.

Black Pin Dot Tie

Black pin dot tie

Behind the navy striped tie, a black pin dot is the second most versatile necktie a man can own. Some would argue a solid black tie would be number two on the list, but in my opinion it’s slightly too dressy for everyday use. Also, don’t get a pin dot and a polka dot confused, as the pin dot print is much smaller and can be paired with a number of outfit combinations.

Black Bow Tie

black bow tie

A black bow tie is an essential for all formal events. It’s clean and simple, but is also the most sophisticated tie you can wear. Due to the formal nature of a bow tie, I recommend investing in a silk version, as this will allow for easy tying and a dapper look. Lastly, when purchasing a black bow tie ensure it is not a clip on. Clip on ties look cheesy, while a self tied bow is the ultimate mark of style.

Paisley Tie


Originally from India and brought to the limelight by the British, a paisley neck tie is a great piece to make a statement with. I recommend going for something in a darker shade, as most paisleys have various colors running throughout them. My personal favourite is the green version above from Aklasu.

Knit Tie

knit tie

Knit ties are the perfect option to add some sartorial sophistication to any casual look. The key to knit ties is to tie them up and let them hang. It’s all about looking like you threw your outfit together without thinking too much about it.

Solid Linen Tie

linen ties

Solid linen ties are the perfect piece for adding some colour to your summer outfits. Similar to knit ties, linen ties have a casual feel to them and are perfect for allowing your neck to breathe while surviving the summer’s heat. I recommend a solid linen tie as they have a natural texture and pair great with all your unlined printed jackets.

Textured Silk Power Tie

Power tie

Power ties were a big thing in the 80’s and have continued to follow us into 2015. Ever wonder why politicians typically wear navy suits, white shirts, and red ties when addressing the public? This combination commands authority. With that being said, your power tie doesn’t have to be red. I recommend going for a silk tie with some texture. A personal favorite is the selection at Aristocrats Bows & Ties. They carry a wide range of power ties to give you an edge no matter the setting.

Plaid Neck Tie

plaid tie 1

Plaid neck ties are awesome for those casual outfits that you want to add some visual interest without being too bold. Paired best with a muted shirt, a plaid neck tie has the coolness of a knit tie while still being sophisticated.

Tweed Tie

Tweed tie

When the weather gets chilly and your outfits get thicker, your tie should follow suit. A tweed tie is the perfect option for adding an extra woolly element to your suit game. Go for something in a grey with little to no pattern as the texture of the tweed should speak for itself.

Printed Bow Tie

Printed bow ties

A printed bow tie can add that element of panache to any outfit. Whether it’s a pin dot, plaid, stripe, or tweed, a printed bow tie will make you look visually more intelligent. (Don’t forget no clip-ons!)

I hope this list is helpful for anyone starting their menswear collection or adding pieces to their current wardrobe!

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere