10 Common Style Mistakes Men Make When Wearing A Suit

10 Common Style Mistakes Men Make When Wearing A Suit

A suit is one of the only items in a man’s wardrobe that can drastically change their appearance. The right suit can make a man look like a million bucks, while the wrong one can give off a very stuffy appeal. One common misconception I hear all the time is “I don’t have the money to buy a good suit,” but as any stylish man will tell you, it’s about the way you wear it that matters most.

So before you go out there and start throwing on the latest’s innovations in tailoring, I think it’s important to first learn about what not to do. With that being said, here are 10 common style mistakes men make when wearing a suit.

Suit jacket too big

This is probably the most common men’s style mistake out there. Studies have shown that North American men wear their suit jackets/blazers one to two sizes too big. What’s the solution? Get a blazer that fits snug on your shoulder and let your tailor do the rest.

Suit too small

With all the buzz that has been around menswear recently, it’s nice to see men taking their style seriously and making a conscious effort of finding a tailored fit. With that being said, “skinny suits” or “super slim suits” are a thing at the moment but not everyone can pull them off.  Going for something trim that gently hugs your frame is the way to go no matter what your body type.

Buttoning up all the buttons of your suit jacket

Over-buttoning maybe one of my biggest pet peeves. Not only does it restrict your movement, but it changes the natural silhouette of the jacket. Depending on the style of the jacket, your suit should be buttoned in a very specific way. For more info, check out a post we did called How to button your suit.

Sleeves/trousers too long

Proportions are very important when it comes to tailoring, so making sure things are cut at the right length is imperative. Your sleeves should show about a half inch of cuff and your pants should have little to no break. This will actually elongate your figure and make you appear taller than you actually are.

Leaving stitching in blazer vents/sleeve tags

We have all seen a guy walking down the street with his blazer vents closed and the brand of his suit still on his sleeve. Not only is this embarrassing but having these vents closed is actually making your suit look disproportioned. Remember, if the tailor doesn’t take out these threads when you purchase your suit, quickly cut them all off before your first wear.

T-shirts under dress shirts

There is nothing worse than seeing a great dress shirt with a crew neck t-shirt underneath it. The combination completely ruins the visual line a dress shirt creates and actually makes the wearer look wider. The solution: wear something that is not showing like a v-neck or none at all.

Athletic socks with a suit

Wearing white athletics socks with a suit is not only an eyesore but it shows your disregard for the environment or occasion. Furthermore, having a good sock game is a great way to add a jolt of personality to any look.

Wearing a Tie bar with a waistcoat

If you have been to any fashion page on Instagram there is probably at least one photo of a guy wearing a waistcoat and a tie bar in the same outfit. Having both in a single look is not only redundant (As they both hold your tie in place) but it makes you look like you’re trying too hard.

Matching tie and pocket squares

Once the go to for groomsmen everywhere has now become the faux pas of the fashion world. Matching your tie and pocket square makes your outfit look cheap and lacks creativity. Remember the rule of thumb: Your tie and pocket square should complement each other but never match.

Un-tucked dress shirts with a suit

If you are too cool to tuck your shirt in when wearing a suit, then you will never be well dressed. Period.

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