Backward Shopping for Forward Minds

Backward Shopping for Forward Minds

Shopping for the upcoming season has never been easier. Here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

. . . . .

It’s spring (or so the calendar will have us believe, I’m not convinced) and that can only mean one thing: Time to buy… winter clothes?

You heard that right.

It’s a well-known fact that brands introduce new lines of clothing far in advance of the time of year for which they’re actually meant. Case in point, you’ve probably seen lightweight, pastel-coloured spring clothing in stores since at least mid-January. And you remember what the weather was like in mid-January, right? In that way, clothing brands are a bit like department stores. I’m sure you’re sick of seeing Christmas decorations come out as soon as Halloween is over – or sometimes before. Does anyone actually buy Christmas lights on November 1st? (Please have said no.)

Buy your clothes with that mindset, too.

Right now is the perfect time for you to take a trip to your closet and make a list of everything for the season – the winter season – that you’re missing. Because guess what – it’s all on sale. Here’s a secret – by the time those Christmas decorations are rolling out later this year, you’ll be glad you bought whatever it is that you need at half the price it would normally be, because sooner or later, winter is coming.

Game of Thrones references aside, here’s an example of what I’m on about: Last May I walked into my local Shoe Company and found a pair of intricately detailed, fleece-lined leather boots from Bullboxer. Not only were they just my style, Bullboxer is a preferred brand of mine, too. But it was gorgeous and sunny outside, so who’d even dream of wearing these boots anytime soon? They were 70 percent off their regular price though, so I bought them, tossed them in my closet, and promptly forgot they existed. Those boots have been a staple of my wardrobe this winter.

It may nearly be spring, but it’s also going to nearly be spring around this time next year, too. If you can swing it, get in the habit of buying for the season that’s just ended (as in buy a bathing suit in September). You can find some great deals on things you’ll definitely need, as well as pieces you might not normally buy. Think of it as super advanced planning. Because as we all know – winter is coming.

I’ll stop.

Words by Liam Fearnley

Illustration by Robert John Paterson