5 Summer Grooming Products Every Guy Needs

5 Summer Grooming Products Every Guy Needs

Men’s grooming is overwhelming; plain and simple. As a men’s premier lifestyle enthusiast, even I can be confused by the plethora of products that are launched every day. Often, when I attend skincare events, I’m left thinking, “so where do I put this again?”

With warm weather on the horizon I visited our friends at Rexall Brunswick, to take a peek at some summer essential grooming products as well as see the transformations made to the former iconic Toronto watering hole.

To remain true to the building’s history, Rexall worked closely with the City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Service, and fully restored the building’s outdoor façade and interior elements, including its famous keg barrel bar, which now serves as the store’s main checkout area. Chandeliers, tin ceilings and iconic interior signage have all been restored and now feature prominently in the new drugstore’s layout and design.

Without further ado, here is my break down of 5 essential summer products every guy needs.

1. Moisturizer with SPF

Even though it’s getting warmer, you still need to moisturize. By boosting hydration in your skin, you’re adding a protective layer of moisturizer that’ll keep your skin looking fresh. I recommend applying it to your face twice a day, once before you leave the house in the morning and once after you wash your face, before bed. The key here is the SPF in the moisturizer, which will keep your skin looking younger for longer. No need to apply sunscreen to your face, as this two in one product from Rexall has you covered.

2. Sunscreen

If you’re hitting the beach or having a pool day, your moisturizer with SPF is not going to cut it. Especially since you’re only applying it to your face. I personally use a sunscreen with SPF 15, so that I am protected from the sun’s harmful rays, but I can still get my tan on.

3. A trimmer

Since I’m not a huge fan of a clean shave, my trimmer is definitely one of my essential tools. Not only do I use it to get the perfect second-day stubble, but the varying attachments allow me to get rid of unwanted hair in other places on my body. Remember guys, there is nothing attractive about excessive back hair.

4. Deodorant

This one is a no brainer, but as the weather gets hot, having a good deodorant is the key to helping you smell fresh all day. My personal favorites are antiperspirants that last up to 48 hours. I like knowing that it’s strong enough to last for two days, even though I always apply daily.

5. Fragrance

Having a lightweight fragrance is your second defense for combating body odor. I put on a fragrance no matter where I’m going, just to make sure I’m covered on all fronts.

For more great summer grooming essentials and to see the innovations done to the iconic Toronto heritage site, head over to Rexall Brunswick.

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