4 Ways to Add Sprezzatura to Your Summer Wardrobe

4 Ways to Add Sprezzatura to Your Summer Wardrobe

Ever wonder how Italian gentlemen always look so dapper? Whether it’s in the pages of GQ or in the fields of Tuscany, Italian men are constantly being recognized as style icons and have mastered the art of Sprezzatura.

For the men in Italy, dressing  with sophistication is ranked with high importance, but it’s done in a way that looks effortless. This is what Sprezzatura is all about. You may be asking yourself, “How can I add some Sprezzatura to my look?” Well, you are in luck because I have 4 easy-to-follow tips you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe to take your look from stylish to style icon.


1. Lighten Up Your Layers

Linen is kryptonite for those hot summer days. It’s light-weight, made from natural fibres, and it’s an essential for any Italian sartorialists. If you don’t have any linen in your closet already, I recommend trying out a neutral linen pant like the ones I am wearing above. It will keep your lower half cool, which is always a good thing.

2. Throw on a Weightless Hat

Italian gentlemen are never afraid to wear a good piece of headwear. This summer, I dare you to pick up something lightweight that you can pair with everything. My personal favourite is from our friends at Brimz. If you are feeling more adventurous, why not try something with a wider brim. (If you follow me on Instagram, it’s all I’ve been wearing this summer.)


3. Get Tropical

Warm weather and palm trees go together like tomato sauce and pasta. This summer, why not take some inspiration from the Italian south and don the quintessential warm weather tree in your outfit.


4. Tassels Over Laces

The tasseled loafer is the ultimate shoe for getting the Sprezzatura look. Dapper Italian gentlemen wear the shoe like North Americans wear sneakers. What’s more is that they not only looks sophisticated, but are more versatile than you may think. Think of tasseled shoes as the European cousin of your favourite penny loafers.

One of my personal favourites at the moment are these brown tasseled loafers from Town Shoes. They’re not only slick, but can be dressed up with a suit or down with pair of chinos and a shirt. The best part is they are more affordable than their competitors, but don’t sacrifice quality.

For more great shoe options, give your look that European edge and head to Town Shoes.


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Photography by Che Rosales