3 Men’s Grooming Apps for 2015

3 Men’s Grooming Apps for 2015

For many of us, 2015 brings new resolutions to try and improve our overall well being and outlook on life. However, for us to be able to carry out such resolutions, sometimes we need a little helping hand along the way. That’s why we men tends to lean on certain technological aids such as apps to gain knowledge on areas that we are not very well versed on.

Let’s be honest, the thought of sifting through thousands of apps that are currently on the market is a daunting thought. Especially when you consider that there are approximately 1 million apps in the App Store according to The Verge. This phenomenal volume is only likely to increase with Gaming Realms the creators of entertainment hub PocketFruity claiming “mobile Internet is currently one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape.”

With that being said, what apps should we look out for to make 2015 a well kept one? We have them below:

Free Expert Shaving Advice: the Phillips Grooming App

Phillips has always been at the forefront of the men’s grooming world. But now they have released this informative app that let’s users gain knowledge on vital tips that will help them look after their skin, give them personal shaving advice, photo-realistic style previews and an interactive product guide.

Watch the preview video below:

Colgate Dental Advisor

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Everyone wants a winning smile but sometimes we just need a little guidance when it comes to maintaining it. Colgate is another brand that has been at the top of their game for many years and they reaffirm why they are top of the food chain when it comes to dental care.

The app has many pointers, information on sensitive teeth; ideal brushing techniques and you can even get feedback from their dental professionals.

Cool Guy


How often are you out and you see an outfit that someone is wearing that you love? It’s a common occurrence, right? If you’re able to remember the outfit or even take a picture of it, upload it to Cool Guy and then proceed to custom-build your new outfit. You can mix-and-match the clothes you already have in your closet along with a wealth of other features.

This app also has tons of fashion advice and news that will bring you up to speed with the latest trends and celebrity looks.

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Mr. Cavaliere

  • Why do I need a app to tell me how long to brush my teeth? I seem to have got along just fine for 50 years so far with out it?