3 Essential Items When Exploring the Great Outdoors

3 Essential Items When Exploring the Great Outdoors

It’s always a true delight to get away and experience the great outdoors.

Get your body moving again, take in some fresh air and enjoy the freedom of blue skies and rolling hills of greenery. What could be better? Whether you take some time out to go camping for a long weekend or just go on a hike, there is something about reconnecting with nature where all your worries just fade away. For a second you almost forget the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolis. Finally, you are in a state of pure bliss.

That is until something goes wrong – like torrential rain or you realizing that you have forgotten your BatteryGuard and the sun is fading fast. Even if the conditions are what you had hoped, mosquito bites and finding a place to do your business gets tiring after a while. So, the best thing to do before trekking into the wilderness is to ensure you are well equipped with all of your camping essentials. Below are three items that will get you through.


Life Liquid

When trekking around for a day or even a week, the physical demands you will be putting on your urban body will take a toll. This means your body will be craving a bit more H2o than normal. Remember when exploring the forested areas of our ancestor’s, convenience did not exist and neither does animal owned convenience stores. Having a reusable water bottle or a Coleman 1/3-gallon water jug can keep you fueled for the terrain ahead.


Just Give Me the Light 

While you bask in natures beauty, it’s easy to start to lose track of time. Who needs that man-made slave driving system anyways? Well, when mother nature determines it’s time for a rest the deep woods may start to lose a bit of its appeal. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable flashlight to lead the way. The Coleman BatteryGuard Flashlight helps prevent battery drain for longer lasting light so it works when you actually need it.

Stay shaded

It’s always the little things that make all the difference when you’re packing for a trip away. But the little things are also the easiest things to forget. There’s nothing worse than squinting like you have never seen the light of day. That’s why a good pair of shades is essential for any escapade through the wild. You’ll thank us when you are able to make out that 250 lbs furry animal in the distance.