Inspirations from Al Capone

Inspirations from Al Capone

Hey guys,

Just recently I styled a shoot for one of my good friends Anthony Rella. He’s a Canadian actor and has been in a number of TV shows, short films, and theatre skits. He wanted me to put together a few looks for a character shoot and once I heard the idea I couldn’t resist. He wanted the look to be old school 20’s mobster meets Italian gangster. I immediately thought of the notorious Al Capone, the infamous Chicago mob boss who basically created the look we all think of when we think mobster. “Big Al”, as he was called in the 20s, may have been one of the most wanted criminals in Prohibition-era America but he was also one of the best dressed and always looked dapper, no matter how dirty his business got. I knew I wanted Anthony’s look to emulate this, so here is what I came up with:





Photo credit to Joseph Hammond.

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere