How Traditional Tennis Apparel Influenced Fashion

Over the past couple months I have been enjoying a sport that men and women have played for over two centuries, called tennis. This may be because Canada is becoming a real contender on the international stage or possibly because it is the only thing on after sports center, but whichever it may be I have been following the game all summer long.

Being the menswear enthusiast that I am, I slowly took notice of the athlete’s attire as well as the impeccably dressed crowd that this sport unique attracts. Being intrigued by a game I use to pass off as “boring”, I was interested in learning as much as I could about its history. On my journey through the various web pages with the title: Men’s Tennis Fashion History, I found that tennis clothing has had a big impact on the fashion we wear today.  With that being said I wanted to put together a look with pieces that we wear on a regular basis but wouldn’t look out of place on the courts back in the 1960’s.

tennis fashion

In the early part of the 20th century, male tennis players had to wear all white which usually included a white button up shirt, while flannel trousers, and often a white v-neck cable knit sweater. This was due to disguising sweat and keeping the image of the sport clean and classy. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s that men were allowed to wear color as it was debated that spectators couldn’t differentiate players on the court.

Tennis Fashion

tennis fashion

tennis fashion

If you have been a reader of the blog for a while you know that versatility is key and these all white tennis Court Stars from Puma are exactly that. You can literally wear them with anything as they will add a clean sophisticated casual appeal to your look.

Puma court stars

Tennis fashion

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