Taste Toronto’s Iconic French Brasserie

Toronto—a living example for the rest of the world that no matter your race or religion, people can still get along, and that’s saying something in today’s political climate.

One of the best parts of living in Toronto is its endless variety of cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a bowl of ramen to warm your insides or a za right from nonna’s kitchen, you can get it here.

To celebrate this city’s plethora of dining options, the team and I have been feasting at some of Toronto’s most iconic spots in search of taste bud-ticking grub. Joined by my photography guru’s Sean Pollock and Steven Lee, we thought, “What better place to start our glutinous journey than at serial Chef & Restauranteur Daniel Boulud’s French Brasserie, Café Boulud?”

The restaurant’s food is rooted in traditional French cooking philosophies and focuses on contemporary dishes inspired by Daniel’s family meals in Lyon. The gleaming rotisserie is one of the eateries’ must-see installations and is, in fact, the only one of its kind in the downtown core. There’s a 70’s vibe that pervades the place, with their mix of hunter green leather accents and oak hardwood finishing, evoking images of an early Bond film. The light that floods the space via its glass walls is as stunning as the food itself.

Speaking of, take a look below for a couple of their seasonal selections, and watch out for our personal picks (which will be marked by asterixes).


coq au vin terrine
pickles, country bread

beef stock, roasted onions
croutons, swiss cheese

celery remoulade, field greens
lemon vinaigrette


grilled flat iron steak, sauce bernaise
pommes allumettes
mixed salad, shallot dressing

lyon—style northern pike quenelle
nantua sauce, pilaf rice

root vegetables, parsley puree
comtè cheese foam


vanilla ice cream
dark chocolate sauce, candied pecans

sesame halva, rose loukoum
grapefruit sorbet

steamed meringue
maple sugar, créme anglaise

Words by Jonathan Cavaliere

Photography by Sean Pollock & Steven Lee


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