Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reinvent your Mac Coat

Traditionally the Mackintosh coat served as a rain jacket for the wet spring months. It was made out of rubber material and was worn over dressy attire to protect the delicate fabric of a wool suit from the potentially damaging downpour. Nowadays the “Mac” coat term is thrown around a bit more loosely as the conventional rubber versions have slowly declined. My definition would be a single breasted hoodless rain jacket made out of a water resistant exterior.

re inventing your mac coat 1

A lot of guys still stick by the traditional mentality of the Mac coat strictly being paired over top of a suit, but I think it’s time to rethink that idea. Your Mac can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe even for casual settings.

re inventing your mac coat 3

Due to the Mac having a dressy heritage, it’s the perfect transitional piece from day to night. In this look, I paired a grey fedora, a plaid Mac coat, an off-white denim jacket, hunter green chinos, a classic watch, various brown bracelets, and brown tasseled loafers. You can take this look from dressed up at the office with a suit, shirt and tie, to ready for a night out in 3 steps. Switch your blazer and tie for a denim jacket for a casual feel, take off those dressy socks and cuff your pants for a relaxed summertime look, and depending on the occasion add a great hat for an interesting visual appeal.

re inventing your mac coat

When shopping for a Mac coat go for one that gives you the most versatility. There are tons of Mac’s on the market in all different colors, shapes, and styles, but start with something in a solid color, single breasted, and  a 3/4 length. After you’ve gotten a feel for its capabilities, by all means try out something a bit bolder such as the plaid version I’m wearing above.

re inventing your mac coat 2
Light grey herringbone fedora – H&M, Off white rugged denim jacket – Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Brown and beige 3/4 length plaid Mac coat – Le Chateau, Slim hunter green chinos – H&M, Assorted brown bracelets – ASOS, Brown textured leather banded watch – Fossil, Brown tasseled loafers – H by Hudson

As you already know mixing traditional elements with a modern twist is my favorite way to dress, and this grey fedora and brown tasseled loafers in the photo above, have the perfect balance of 50’s business man with a touch of downtown cool.

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