Re-invent Your Waistcoat

There’s something about the waistcoat/vest that has made us North American men abandon the piece all together. It could be the overindulgence of the style back in 2007, when guys of all shapes and sizes were donning it with henley’s and jeans for that hipster musician look. Or even back in 2008 when young guys basically replaced the blazer with the waistcoat at almost every formal event. Nevertheless, the waistcoat is back, but worn in a slightly more sartorial way.

mens waistcoat

Think of the waistcoat as a layering item as opposed to a final touch. Waistcoats are also now coming in a range of different prints and fabrics that can suit any occasion. To show you one way to incorporate the vest, I used my blue chambray version (also seen here) in a casual Friday inspired way.

mens waistcoat

mens waistcoat

The vest has quite a few functional elements as well. Most versions will come with a pocket or two for putting small items like keys or sunglasses. Waistcoats also give the wearer a slimmer appeal as they hide that spare tire we all just can’t get rid of!

Fossil Watch


I also wanted to talk a little bit about the shirt I am wearing underneath the vest. There’s a great company out there for all of you guys who want to try bespoke clothing at an affordable price. Tailor4Less an online custom clothier that fits within anyone’s budget, style, or size. They have a variety of fabric and customization options as well as fast delivery. To try out Tailor4Less or just check out what they’re all about go to

mens vests

Yours truly,

Mr. Cavaliere